Monday, 23 May 2011

Home, Sweet Home

In 6 days my life is about change forever.  I’m leaving my home of 27 years to set up a new home with my boyfriend.  Most of my belongings are packed into boxes.  I can’t believe how many clothes I have; 5 bags and there is still a big pile to sort out!  Over the past 3 months I have been in and out of home ware stores, noting prices, getting excited about bargains on cleaning products and trying but not finding a dinner set that looks remotely interesting.  I know....why does a plate have to be interesting?  Well it doesn’t but I do think a design should say something, something a bit more interesting than “I’m a plate”.
I’ve only seen one design that gets my juices going (as it were).

I am very keen to set up our home, plan the layout, shop for items etc.  I would love for the atmosphere to be inspiring yet relaxing – well hey I’ll just say it... a new age/hippie kind of vibe.  In fact I have been wanting to set up a “new age/hippie” style home for some years now but this is the first opportunity I’ve had.  My room at the moment is what my Mum calls a real “me” type of room but I have never felt that I could go completely wild with it.

Whatever it turns out like my boy friend and I are 100% agreed on the fact that there will be lots of books, book shelves and books on them!  Douglas Adams taking pride of place along side my boy friend’s Terry Pratchett (I’ve try to read these with no luck so far, sorry I fail spectacularly).  Then of course there are all 7 Harry Potter books, the Anne Rice (although some what unread on my part for some years now), my Robert Harris (a very grown up series of books – surely I’m too young to be reading this kind of thing?) and lots more.

Then there’s the DVD collection: well done HMV for reducing the price of the season box sets of Next Generation and Buffy and Fraiser and.... Good God what geek lives here?  But the truth is yes hopefully our home will be just that; a “geeky, new age/hippie sort of house.

Friday, 20 May 2011

High on a hill

Well I am going to start this blog with a music review.

I have recently discovered an artist called Kate Rusby, a folk singer.  I came across her while watching the BBC series Jam & Jerusalem.  I first watched this series when it was on TV (2007) and I have to confess I wasn’t impressed.  I didn’t find it funny, in fact there were moments when it was embarrassing not funny.

However when my Mum unwrapped a parcel from Amazon and revealed a DVD of the first series I stayed in the lounge to watch a couple of episodes.  I’m so glad I did, it was like I remembered it, I even knew some of the lines but this time I did find it not only funny but also inspiring. 
I’m not too sure why the same show has had a completely different affect on me but I can guess that it is because a lot has happened in 3 years.

Enough of the soul searching, back to the review!  Kate Rusby performs the title song to Jam & Jerusalem, ‘The Village Green Preservation Society’.  Her songs are also featured throughout the series and she even makes a quest appearance as a performer at a wedding in the second series. 
After some research on a well known video website that shall remain nameless, I have chosen a few songs that are my personal favourites.  Some of them are covers.

1. Underneath the Stars
2. You belong to me
3. Our Town

Kate Rusby’s music and Jam & Jerusalem’s Cornish countryside are the perfect combination (in my opinion).  Listening to the music I can try to forget that I live in an urban concrete jungle and sadly no where near any heather.