Friday, 20 May 2011

High on a hill

Well I am going to start this blog with a music review.

I have recently discovered an artist called Kate Rusby, a folk singer.  I came across her while watching the BBC series Jam & Jerusalem.  I first watched this series when it was on TV (2007) and I have to confess I wasn’t impressed.  I didn’t find it funny, in fact there were moments when it was embarrassing not funny.

However when my Mum unwrapped a parcel from Amazon and revealed a DVD of the first series I stayed in the lounge to watch a couple of episodes.  I’m so glad I did, it was like I remembered it, I even knew some of the lines but this time I did find it not only funny but also inspiring. 
I’m not too sure why the same show has had a completely different affect on me but I can guess that it is because a lot has happened in 3 years.

Enough of the soul searching, back to the review!  Kate Rusby performs the title song to Jam & Jerusalem, ‘The Village Green Preservation Society’.  Her songs are also featured throughout the series and she even makes a quest appearance as a performer at a wedding in the second series. 
After some research on a well known video website that shall remain nameless, I have chosen a few songs that are my personal favourites.  Some of them are covers.

1. Underneath the Stars
2. You belong to me
3. Our Town

Kate Rusby’s music and Jam & Jerusalem’s Cornish countryside are the perfect combination (in my opinion).  Listening to the music I can try to forget that I live in an urban concrete jungle and sadly no where near any heather. 

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