Tuesday, 31 January 2012

when I were a lass

I have just seen a comment on You Tube that really sums up how nostalgic I have been feeling recently:

"I like to think Britain in the 90s was exactly like pulp videos" 

Perhaps it's because my birthday is coming up soon, but I seem to be constantly seeing or hearing things that leave me thinking of my teens and early 20's.

My journey to work seems to be full memory joggers. From the picture shop that I used to walk past on my way home from school, where my friend would point out the white dress photo of Marilyn Monro 'that's a classic' (this had even more presence to a 13 year old girl than it does to a nearly 28 year old woman). To the road that another friend used to live on, the church hall where I spent nearly every Friday night for over 10 years. The train station that I used to walk pass on my way to college.

I am wondering if it is possible to have a late twenties life crisis? Here's a secret I'm some what reluctant to reveal, most of the time I don't feel like a grown up at all. I'm still that confused teenager, who feels self concious when she gets on the bus, (why does everyone feel the need to stare at the new passenger?), who still can't get the hair and make up right, who stills gets embarrassed about asking where the toilets are when she goes out to the pub.

So 28 in a few weeks; my new philosophy is cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

It’s the Good Life

I was watching Gold today on TV and there were a couple of episodes of one of my favourite shows; The Good Life.  This was a BBC comedy series about a couple from Surbiton who decide to turn their backs on the rat race and become self-sufficient.  They turn their garden into a small farm, growing all manner of veggies, keep chickens, goats and pigs, make their own electricity, weave their own clothes and even make their own transport.

This series was made in the mid seventies, a time when self-sufficiency was becoming more and more prevalent.  It was one of many shows the BBC made that addressed certain topics such as self-sufficiency, 9-5 working, alternative energy supplies and society as a whole.  A show that had these topics at its very core was, in my opinion; Survivors (the original 70’s show not the pathetic remake of a few years ago).  It was at times a depressing show but this could be attributed to the fact that it dealt with many issues that society was not willing to discuss. 

However today I’m going to include a clip from The Good Life, this is from the very first episode; turning 40 makes Tom Good look at life in a whole new light and thus a fantastic series is born.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

The non-appearing sorting hat

Today I discovered that the secondary school I went to used a house system. I know what you are thinking, why have I only just found this out now, I left 12 years ago. Well according to an encyclopaedia beginning with W, the letters that the classes were given; A,C,F,M and R stood for the names of the houses; "Annay", "Clairvaux", "Fountains", "Melrose" and "Rievaulx". These were, according to W, abbeys that St Bernard was associated with.

During my entire 5 years at “St B’s” I never recall being told about these houses. As far as I was concerned my class was just 7F, then 8F and so on up until year 11. Never once did we refer to our selves as Fountain House. I have to say had I known that I was in a “house” my interest in school probably would have increased. As it was I hated my time at secondary school. Up until year 9 I struggle with the academic work, but without a doubt the biggest issue I had was being bullied. This quite frankly made my school life a misery. The effects of this bullying are still with me today; confidence is some thing I have always had problems with. I have no doubt this is partially the result of being called ‘weasel face’ and other insults.

Of course it is of no matter now, however I wonder what else went on during my school years that I never knew about or never noticed.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Titles are very hard to think up

Status Update:
Cooking Pasta

Is this cooking ironically? No.  Am I feeling upset? No.  Am I pissed off about some thing that happen today involving someone that is one of my 'friends' and therefore making a statement about how out of order they are being, but not being brave enough to mention their name, but still using a social network to embarrass them and let the world know that we have had a row? No. Am I looking for fake sympathy from an entourage of fair weather friends? No.  I'm just cooking pasta.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Today while at work.......

I made up the following:

"It's the world of the beautiful people; pure skin and tainted hearts"

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Play Time

M and I are still in awe of the fact that we can get youtube and 4OD on Xbox.  Today’s delight has been a programme about the 50 greatest toys.

As you can imagine it meant our evening was full of pointing to the TV and shouting I remember those, and mine’s still in my parent’s loft!

The top toys for me were:

                                                                  Sylvanian Families


Teddy Bears

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Another year ends........

So today is New Years Day, 2011 is over.  It has been, for me, a year of changes.  The biggest (and best) being leaving the family home and moving in with M.  This has, without a doubt changed my life.  
Having our own home means of course; washing up (it never ends), Hoovering, trying to remember when bin day is (Christmas has really confused that) trawling round second hand shops (I have to confess that we have managed to get some truly great bargains and been very fortunate to have a generous family with gifts and ‘hand me downs’).
I continue to work at the college, it has been an exhausting year and I have to confess to being quite drained.
Another addition to my life is of course this blog, writing this has been most enjoyable, helping me take stock of my life, encouraging me to take more pictures and improving my writing skills.

We didn’t go on holiday this year, the summer weather didn’t really arrive and it didn’t snow for Christmas.  I continue to read about Paganism and Wicca, I have been to see one of my favourite musicians live (Kate Rusby).  I have discovered that my choice of music is no longer mainstream so I can’t just pop into HMV to treat my self to a CD, and as this is the only music store we seem to have, I think online shopping is the way to go next year. 

M and I have loved being adventurous with our cooking, we have discovered that stews can be great tasting and cheap to make.  Butternut squash makes a great addition to Korma and chilli con carne still reins supreme.

Tasks for next year include; having more people over for dinner, getting more exercise, hopefully earning a bit more money, going on a little holiday and doing lots more reading.