Sunday, 15 January 2012

The non-appearing sorting hat

Today I discovered that the secondary school I went to used a house system. I know what you are thinking, why have I only just found this out now, I left 12 years ago. Well according to an encyclopaedia beginning with W, the letters that the classes were given; A,C,F,M and R stood for the names of the houses; "Annay", "Clairvaux", "Fountains", "Melrose" and "Rievaulx". These were, according to W, abbeys that St Bernard was associated with.

During my entire 5 years at “St B’s” I never recall being told about these houses. As far as I was concerned my class was just 7F, then 8F and so on up until year 11. Never once did we refer to our selves as Fountain House. I have to say had I known that I was in a “house” my interest in school probably would have increased. As it was I hated my time at secondary school. Up until year 9 I struggle with the academic work, but without a doubt the biggest issue I had was being bullied. This quite frankly made my school life a misery. The effects of this bullying are still with me today; confidence is some thing I have always had problems with. I have no doubt this is partially the result of being called ‘weasel face’ and other insults.

Of course it is of no matter now, however I wonder what else went on during my school years that I never knew about or never noticed.

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