Sunday, 1 January 2012

Another year ends........

So today is New Years Day, 2011 is over.  It has been, for me, a year of changes.  The biggest (and best) being leaving the family home and moving in with M.  This has, without a doubt changed my life.  
Having our own home means of course; washing up (it never ends), Hoovering, trying to remember when bin day is (Christmas has really confused that) trawling round second hand shops (I have to confess that we have managed to get some truly great bargains and been very fortunate to have a generous family with gifts and ‘hand me downs’).
I continue to work at the college, it has been an exhausting year and I have to confess to being quite drained.
Another addition to my life is of course this blog, writing this has been most enjoyable, helping me take stock of my life, encouraging me to take more pictures and improving my writing skills.

We didn’t go on holiday this year, the summer weather didn’t really arrive and it didn’t snow for Christmas.  I continue to read about Paganism and Wicca, I have been to see one of my favourite musicians live (Kate Rusby).  I have discovered that my choice of music is no longer mainstream so I can’t just pop into HMV to treat my self to a CD, and as this is the only music store we seem to have, I think online shopping is the way to go next year. 

M and I have loved being adventurous with our cooking, we have discovered that stews can be great tasting and cheap to make.  Butternut squash makes a great addition to Korma and chilli con carne still reins supreme.

Tasks for next year include; having more people over for dinner, getting more exercise, hopefully earning a bit more money, going on a little holiday and doing lots more reading. 

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