Sunday, 22 January 2012

It’s the Good Life

I was watching Gold today on TV and there were a couple of episodes of one of my favourite shows; The Good Life.  This was a BBC comedy series about a couple from Surbiton who decide to turn their backs on the rat race and become self-sufficient.  They turn their garden into a small farm, growing all manner of veggies, keep chickens, goats and pigs, make their own electricity, weave their own clothes and even make their own transport.

This series was made in the mid seventies, a time when self-sufficiency was becoming more and more prevalent.  It was one of many shows the BBC made that addressed certain topics such as self-sufficiency, 9-5 working, alternative energy supplies and society as a whole.  A show that had these topics at its very core was, in my opinion; Survivors (the original 70’s show not the pathetic remake of a few years ago).  It was at times a depressing show but this could be attributed to the fact that it dealt with many issues that society was not willing to discuss. 

However today I’m going to include a clip from The Good Life, this is from the very first episode; turning 40 makes Tom Good look at life in a whole new light and thus a fantastic series is born.

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