Sunday, 4 September 2011

A statement is released

Apologies for my silence recently.  I’m blaming this on being very preoccupied with work (eurgh) and spending time with my relatives from Canada (yay).

I’m ashamed to say I haven’t been very successful in making a determined effort to read.  Having started a Red Dwarf book about 3 weeks ago, I haven’t got passed the second chapter!
For several nights in a row I have picked up the book and not read more than 2 paragraphs before melancholy feelings come over me and I just have to put it down.

The summer not only is nearly over, it quite possibly didn't arrive at all (is this sentence possible? don’t care, using it anyway to put a point across).  The good thing about this is that I get to wear my favourite clothes, that being coats, boots and leggings (or tights if I’m feeling daring) and a skirt.  This year I’m making it my goal to find a suitable hat.  Hats sadly have eluded me for most of my adult life.  I’m still convinced that a beret would be the best course of action.

Only time will tell if I’m successful, well that and the photos.

Signing off now.

Day of the week: Sunday
Time of day: 1.43 pm
Weather: Grey skies and intermittent rain
Mood: Enjoying relaxing on Sunday afternoon

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