Sunday, 12 August 2012

Painting, artwork and weather

Well it looks like summer may have arrived. Note I say may have, you never know, 2 weeks ago we had hailstones!

I have had the last week off work so I have been painting, cleaning and even managed to visit our local beach.  I have continued to watch the Olympics, the local area played host to the mountain biking section at Hadleigh Farm.  It was quite strange watching a familiar landscape on the TV.

I have included some pictures I took of Hadleigh when M and I visited it a few months ago.  I have also included some of my favourite artwork.
Briar artwork is mythological and fantasy based.  The artwork is often associated with Pagan religions and it features on many Pagan online suppliers.  The 2 examples I have chosen are entitled Diana and The Triple Goddess.

 I have this image as a greetings card, which I keep in my display cabinet.

                       The Triple Goddess

This is said to represent, Maiden, Mother and Crone. I really love how this depicts the different aspects to a woman's life, each stage being both important and beautiful.

I shall include some more examples of Briar in future posts.

We are now approaching mid August, traditionally another month and half of summer left, however with this unusual weather summer could continue long into October.  On the other hand I have already seen some fallen brown leaves so maybe Autumn is now on the way.  The next 6 weeks will be a very busy time work-wise, I hope to keep posting on a regular basis.  The plan is that blogging will help me de-stress!

Well I leave you with some pictures of Hadleigh.
Until next time.

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