Sunday, 26 February 2012

That was the month that was.......

February 2012
2 days left of the month.
Well I'm now 28, shocking I know. Birthday was a quiet one, M cooked a lovely stew and we spent the day in town.  Our table still hasn't arrived ggrrrr, I have written a letter of complaint (writing this made me feel like a responsible adult, so I will have to do something to counter that shortly).  As soon as the table is delivered we will be having lots of people over for cool dinner parties.
My Nan celebrated her 90th birthday!
My aunt and uncle got a new puppy, he is lovely, made M and I even more determined to get a dog when we have the space. 
We had a brief snow fall and now we enjoying some warmer weather. 

So all in all a mixed month.  Until next time. 

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