Sunday, 4 March 2012

The never ending quest

I have to say I have never got hair styling quite right, or make up or choosing an outfit or many of the feminine daily tasks that seem to come so easily to most of the female sex.

I do feel as though I am some what of a social pariah for this, a feeling backed up by attempts to find helpful tutorial videos on you tube.  It would seem that the target audience for these videos are 16 year old girls, with titles like, great hairstyles for school and up-dos for homecoming, making me feel that I should have mastered doing my hair quite some time ago.

Can I use the excuse that you tube wasn't around when I was 16? Or I don't have time to learn?  No is the short answer to that one.

I did make huge improvements in the hair styling field about 4 years ago when I purchased an all in one styler, which is a straightener and curling iron all rolled into one. I have to say my hair really seems to come alive when I use the curling iron. It is now my weapon of chose when going out (some thing that doesn't happen that often), it is just a shame that it takes so long to use, a fact that means I can't use it when going to work, so I look my usual boring plain un-noticeable self when doing the 9-5. 

So searching you tube for videos for quick tips to getting great hair has meant that I am confronted by my insecurities, that everybody even annoying 16 year olds knows how to do their hair.  Everybody but me.

Well from now on I will make the time to find out this elusive secret.

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