Monday, 25 July 2011

The passing of the years

Well today’s post is a short one.

Yesterday was M’s birthday.  We had a great night out at ‘The Alex’, various visits from his family during the day, lunch with his dad, step mum and step sister and a shopping trip.  I got him a Kindle which he loves (he loves reading and gadgets, so the perfect combination).
During the shopping trip I had a very spontaneous moment and bought a huge canvas print of 5 women sitting on a pool side, with Pink Floyd album covers painted on their backs.  A picture entitled Pink Floyd * Back Catalogue.  Happy Birthday M, hope you enjoyed your day.

Of course being involved in a birthday celebration means you end up pondering the passing of time and the speed in which it passes.  During my pondering I found myself transported back to my teenage years, school, college and of the most fondly remembered Guides.  It is most apt that a very good friend from that period in my life is celebrating her birthday today.  Sadly I lost contact with her some years ago, something I deeply regret. 

So here’s to you old friend, Happy 27th Birthday.

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